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Remote Employees

Below are resources and tools to assist employees who are working remotely off campus.


Basic Instructions:

  1. Install the Citrix Receiver application using the following link.

  2. Click on MyCHIWebApps to login with your CHi username & password

  3. Accept, open or run any file downloads if needed.

  4. Find Iowa Prod in DESKTOPS or FAVORITES

  5. Cick on Iowa Prod to launch a session.

Video - Covers first time access, copying Mercy College icons to your desktop and getting to your work files from home.
Click here to access the video.  



Colleague UI 5.1 or UI 4.5
Chrome or Firefox browsers for UI 5.1. UI 4.5 must be launched from Internet Explorer.

Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor

What is Respondus Monitor?

Respondus Monitor builds upon the features already provided through Respondus LockDown Browser, using a student’s webcam and their industry-leading video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams. 

Respondus Monitor works seamlessly within the Respondus LockDown Browser, by creating a video recording on a students’ webcam, to flag suspicious behavior that may occur during a testing period.  

Quick Start Guide

The Respondus Monitor Instructor Quick Start Guide covers:

  • What is Respondus Lockdown Browser?
  • What is Respondus Monitor?
  • How to Prepare a Quiz
  • How to install Lockdown Browser
  • Taking a Quiz Details
  • Webcam Feature Details

Download Guide

Respondus Lockdown vs Monitor

The two Respondus options below represent tiered possibilities for creating a more secure testing environment online:


Respondus Lockdown Only

Respondus Lockdown + Respondus Monitor


All D2L courses have access

All D2L courses have access

Prevent students from accessing other tabs/browsers/programs

Online calculator (basic or scientific)

Video monitoring

Restrict student to one screen

Audio monitoring

Room scan

Student is prompted to perform scan at the beginning of the exam


Getting Started and Helpful Guides

How to Introduce Respondus Monitor to Your Class

When introducing a new software to your class for testing, it is important to communicate this information to students.The template below is a guide for how to introduce the Respondus Monitor to your class so that they are aware of what it is and what is expected of them:

During this time when we have moved to virtual learning and to meet the testing needs of the course(s) [List of Courses], we will be using Respondus LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor, tools that you may not have used before. 

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment in ICON quizzes or exams. 

Respondus Monitor is an extension of the Respondus LockDown Browser that uses a student’s webcam and video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams. 

You will need to install the Respondus LockDown Browser, have a working webcam and microphone on your computer and use a test taking environment that meets required standards.  

To learn more about these tools, please use the following resources: 

If you have questions, concerns or would like to share any suggestions, be sure to talk to the course instructor(s).


What kind of support does Respondus offer to students?

Respondus offers 24/7 live chat support. For information on how to access the live chat support visit their help page.

What are some best practices recommendations for instructors?

Here are a few tips to help instructors successfully implement Respondus Monitor in their class:

  • Inform students through several communication methods (syllabus, course announcements, text in the course) that you are using a lockdown browser and video monitoring system.
  • Include at least one practice test to allow students to get used to using Respondus Monitor. Create a short quiz or two with the Respondus LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor. Make this a low or no stakes quiz so that test anxiety is not a factor in accessing and using the tool.
  • Include the technical requirements in your syllabus and add student best practices for using Respondus Monitor in your D2L course.
  • Emphasize in a course announcement that students should dress the same way they would if they were taking a test in class. Students should also be guided to prepare their test taking environment to remove any materials that are not appropriate for their instructor to see.

What about students with disabilities or those who need learning accommodations?

Please visit the Respondus student accessibility page for more information.

What if a student does not have access to a webcam?

A webcam is required to be able to take a test through Respondus Monitor. All laptops now have webcams. If a student does not have access to a working webcam, the instructor will need to create a new test using just the LockDown Browser and assign the test to that student. Students can check out webcams from Mercy College IT at

What happens if a student’s internet cuts out?

If an internet connection is lost while a student is taking a test in Respondus Monitor, the incident will be flagged but the student will not be kicked out of the test.

Will Chromebooks work with Respondus downloadable software?

The short answer is “no” for personally owned Chromebooks. There is no set timetable for this to change. Students can check out laptops from Mercy College IT at

Need Additional Support?

If you need further assistance with Respondus Lockdown Browser and/or Monitor you can contact their support at Respondus Support or contact Trey Leech at 850-933-7554 or

Remote Password Reset

Remote Password Reset

1.) Go to

2.) Click the small reset password link above the Spouse Access login information.

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